Staffed by a proven team of engineers, geologists, and support personnel, Geo Spectra, Inc. is a full service geotechnical consulting engineering firm. Our consulting and technical services are divided in five primary areas of Design, Construction, Environmental Services, Forensic Consulting, and Material Inspection / Testing and Laboratory Services.


~ Site Evaluation and Reconnaissance
~ Site Selection and Characterization
~ Geologic Hazards Evaluation
~ Subsurface Investigation
~ Field and Laboratory Testing
~ Seismicity Sutdies and Evaluations
~ Groundwater Studies
~ Soft Ground Improvements
~ Geophysical Studies
~ Temporary and Permanent Earth Restraining Structures, Shoring, and Tieback Anchores
~ Slope and Landslide Stability Investigations and Stabilization
~ Site Grading Recommendations
~ Roadway and Pavement Design


~ Preparation of Plans and Specifications
~ Construction Observation and Testing
~ Observation of Site Preparation, Fill Placement, and Compaction
~ Foundation Installation Observation
~ Consultations Regarding Construction Problems


Environmental Services

~ Site Characterization
~ Phase I and II Assessments
~ School Site Evaluation

~ Risk Assessments

~ Site Remediation

~ Underground Tank Investigation and Removal

~ Preliminary Endangerment Assessment

~ Methane Gas History Studies and Investigations

~ Solid and Liquid Wate Disposal

~ Landfills

Forensic Consulting

~ Forensic Investigation
~ Expert Testimony
~ Litigation Support


Material Inspection / Testing and Laboratory Services

Geo Spectra utilizes laboratory facilities fully accredited by AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL), The Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL), Department of State Architect (DSA), and the City of Los Angeles and City of San Diego. A team of certified technicians maintains and calibrates all lab equipment on a regular basis.


Our materials testing and inspection division has the experienced and licensed personnel to provide quality control and quality assurance by testing and inspection services that are required by the specifications for a wide range of construction projects.

Our licensed deputy construction inspectors are certified in disciplines of concrete (reinforced & prestressed), masonry, structural steel, fire-proofing, and welding.